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Hi there, as many of you know, yes, I have a blog, and yes, I know I’ve not been active recently on here with posting or just overall active on my social media for this blog. Since going to Amsterdam back in May I’ve not touched my WordPress or even thought about coming on here to write a post and to be honest with you, I’ve no idea why I haven’t wrote any posts or published anything. I have been incredibly busy which would definitely play a huge part in it, I’ve not spent more than 10 days in one place, I’ve been back and forth and all over since finishing my first year at uni.

Now before I fully started my summer, I had a change of heart about my whereabouts for September as I hadn’t really been enjoying my studies and felt I would do a lot better elsewhere. I took the brave decision to apply and audition for Addict Dance Academy in Leicester. I did this alongside one of my best friends who was also in the same boat and we managed to grab the very last audition date of the year. We prepared like crazy, doing gym workouts and dance training everyday intensively for about a week before this audition as we were so determined not to be back at DMU in September. And thank god we did, our training had paid off and we were both lucky enough to receive a place on the Degree course due to start September. Never been happier!


Now summer was meant to be a summer ‘break’, not for me. I got a summer job, in an attempt to save up some money, at the Royal Air Force Association as an Events Crew Member. This meant I’d be travelling all over the UK visiting various RAF bases and air shows or events and raising money for the RAF by selling their merchandise. Which meant a lot of long hours in a day and a lot of long days in the week, the longest of which was the RAF 100 Celebrations held in London, my week of work equated to 82 hours of work, over yes 7 days! (just a little reminder the average full time job is 45 hours a week, so I did just under double that. And yes, I was shattered.)

As well as all of this madness going on in my life, I was fitting in time to see family and friends and also stay at my boyfriend’s house who lives 140 miles away from me, down in Northampton. We also did get to go away to Amsterdam (blog posts very much over due!) and then have also recently spent a few nights away in Newcastle.

A few highlights of many I’ve had over the past couple of months where I’ve not been active online, have been;

  • Amsterdam (of course!)
  • Few day trips and nights out with friends
  • My Sisters 18th and Brothers 16th Birthdays
  • Many cinema trips (Jurassic World, Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2, Mamma Mia! Here we go again!)
  • Watching the filming of X Factor Auditions
  • Stay Sassy Events

just to name a few…

So, I have been very busy and I never set out to have my blog as a main priority in my life, it was writing whatever, whenever I wanted and it still is, although I have very much realised that I do lead a very busy and hectic life, purely through choice but this means some of my plans that I may try stick to (e.g. posting at least once every 2 weeks) might not go to schedule. This doesn’t mean I’m stopping blogging, I’m just taking it a lot lighter than I originally had planned, I’ll try keep posts coming fairly regularly so you don’t keep wondering where I’ve gone, but for now just a little life update will have to suffice.

Thanks for the support whilst life has been busy,

and again, Thanks for reading!

Han xx










  1. I absolutely understand how you felt about not posting. I spent half of this year studying abroad in another country and I had a lot of fun times but I never felt like I wanted to write. Fortunately I feel somewhat better now and I’m staring to be more active on here πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah can’t wait to keep posting more often x

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