Halloween Heroine Lookbook: Film Fashion For Autumn

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If you’re anything like me, dressing for Autumn is an absolute pain, especially when you’re running out of cute outfit inspiration and want to be a little more creative than the longstanding, unofficial Autumn uniform: the play-it-safe leggings, shirt and scarf combination (with a Starbucks, to accessorise). Your wardrobe wants a spark of creativity… Dare I say, classic Halloween film fashion?

Fortunately for us, we all have favourite cult classic Halloween films to draw inspiration from! Today, I’m going to help you dress like a cult classic Halloween heroine and (pumpkin) spice up your Autumn wardrobe, with 5 Iconic Autumn Looks Inspired By Your Favourite Cult Classic Halloween Films!

Cult Classic Halloween Film Fashion Lookbook.

Hocus Pocus
two skeleton near white concrete building with string lights at daytime

Hocus Pocus is a spooky-season family favourite, centring around Max Dennison, a moody Californian teenager, and his spunky little sister, Dani.

When their family relocates to the historical town of Salem, Max struggles to fit in with the Halloween-esque culture and customs adopted by the town, going so far as to declare the town’s proud folklore, the curse of the Sanderson Sisters, a hoax.

When he accidentally resurrects the trio of witches from the dead while trying to impress a girl, the siblings must reconcile their differences and embrace the spirit of Halloween before the Sanderson Sisters abduct and steal the soul of every child in Salem.

The Sanderson Sisters (portrayed by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessica Parker respectively) are delighted to wreak havoc on the town once more but are ultimately thwarted at last.

I admire the wardrobe of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, the youngest Sanderson sister, as her flowing, tatty skirts and corseted bodice reflected a perfect marriage of gothic and rustic style, much like a dark Sleeping Beauty!

Her shabby-chic look can be replicated by pairing a lace-up corset or bustier with a trailing skirt. The creations of Mermaid Miss Kristin or Raw Rags by PK express this feminine, cottagecore style perfectly!

closeup photo of person's hand

I saw this movie for the first time recently, having heard about it for so long, and I can honestly say that it was well worth the watch!

“Scream” defined the mystery-caller-murderer genre and became the blueprint for the popular thrillers we know and love today.

 When teenage Casey (Drew Barrymore) and her boyfriend are brutally slaughtered, their sleepy little town is shaken to its core.

Reminded of the murder of her mother the year before, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) begins to feel uneasy, especially when she receives a threatening phone call. Shortly afterwards, she is attacked in her home by a knife-wielding, masked psychopath, but manages to evade him. Her suspicions are aroused when her boyfriend, Billy, arrives moments later… and drops his cellphone…

Meanwhile, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), the town’s glamorous news anchor, is convinced that the wrong man was jailed for the murder of Sidney’s mother and that the most recent murders and attacks are all linked.

What I love about this movie is that there are so many possible suspects, and I was thoroughly surprised by the big reveal!

Rampant with sporty-chic style and plenty of power dressing (thank you, Courtney Cox), this film is a treasure trove of 90’s fashion finds.

I’m a fan of both Tatum Riley’s cool-girl prep style and Gale Weathers’ business-meets-pleasure vibe, but the latter definitely comes out at the top!

The Power House blazer and trouser combo from Oh Polly channels Gale’s boss babe energy oh so well!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack-o'-Lantern statue close-up photo

This morbidly cheerful film is, without a doubt, one of Tim Burton’s most iconic stop-motion animation projects and has earned a firm place on every Halloween movie list for the considerable future.

The plot follows Jack Skellington, the charismatic Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, as he accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown and decides to model his own domain after it.

When Santa Claus is kidnapped, Jack decides to step in and take over Christmas Eve duties for the year – with disastrous results!

Let’s just say, the most magical time of the year is going to be a little spooky this time around, lads.

With a strong message of the importance of staying true to yourself, this family favourite is sure to make you smile!

Jack’s love interest, Sally, is a sweet and resourceful rag doll mistreated by her mad scientist creator. Her raggedy patchwork dress may not exude laid-back-chic style itself, but this beautiful Roslyn Picnic Patchwork Dress from LoveShackFancy certainly does!

The quirky, contrasting floral fabrics give a subtle nod to Sally’s dishevelled look without making you look like you decided to take a pair of scissors to your wardrobe, have at it, and sew the pieces back together.

I’m totally not speaking from experience.

person wearing The North Face jacket

Beetlejuice was one of those completely unexpected gems from the late 80s that managed to deliver a compelling narrative while leaving us… well, thoroughly unsettled.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the plot revolves around a married couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) who pass away in a tragic accident, only to find themselves return as ghosts who can’t leave the confines of their former home.

Perplexed and afraid, they consult their Handbook for the Recently Deceased and enlist the help of the lecherous bio-exorcist, Betelgeuse (Michael Keaton), in getting rid of the new occupants of their home… Needless to say, chaos ensues, especially when Betelgeuse goes rogue and pursues the new tenants’ daughter, Lydia (Winona Ryder).

It’s disturbing, it’s wild, and Lydia’s unapologetically gothic closet is a visual extravaganza, particularly her iconic red wedding dress!

While you may not be an enigmatic teenager pursued by the self-proclaimed prince of darkness, you can certainly dress like one in this arresting piece by the mesmerizingly talented Teuta Matoshi!

The slim A-line skirt and gentle ruffles of the Venetian Princess Gown put a sophisticated spin on the iconic absurdity of the original, and can be paired with a pair of cute boots and a cropped jacket!

Edward Scissorhands
man in black hat and coat

Arguably one of the most influential Tim Burton films of all time, this early 90s cult favourite managed to combine one hell of a bizarre fantasy-drama with undertones of romance that managed to earn Edward’s character a firm place in our hearts, despite the, you know, scissor thing.

This fantastic tale follows Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp), an artificial young man created by a reclusive inventor in a  desolate mansion overlooking a picture-perfect suburban neighbourhood.

When the inventor succumbs to a heart attack before creating Edward’s hands, he is left with hands constructed from pairs of scissors, forever “unfinished”.

Edward is taken in by Peg Boggs, an intrepid Avon saleswoman, and integrated into her family, resulting in the entire neighbourhood’s burning curiosity over the new “mystery man” in their midst.

In a town where everyone knows everyone else, the theme of not fitting in is a strong one, especially when the contrast between the enigmatic titular character and the 1960s-Americana demeanour of everyone else is so stark.

Edward falls in love with Peg’s teenage daughter, Kim (portrayed by Winona Ryder) who immortalised preppy-chic style in such a way that her outfits feel oh-so-modern in 2020, thirty years later!

Kim’s closet is refreshing and enviable, ranging from her flirty cheerleading uniform to her relaxed cable-knit sweater and mini-skirt ensemble.

I’m especially drawn to the lemon co-ord set she wears, particularly the ruched puff sleeves and high-waisted skirt!

Fortunately for us, this stunning Faithfull The Brand La Ponche Crepe Crop Top and Pampelonne Ruffled Crepe Shorts are available at Net-A-Porter and perfectly replicate Kim’s cool-girl-prep vibe.

Cult Classic Halloween Film Fashion: A Review.

It is my personal opinion that each of these five cult classic Halloween movies is a gem in its own right, as well as a brilliant source of style inspiration for when jeans and a jumper simply won’t do.

Whether you’re one of the Lydia Deetz’ or  Gale Weathers’ of the world, there’s plenty of Halloween heroine style to bring out the best in your closet!

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I hope you enjoyed this list of Cult Classic Halloween Film Fashion! Who’s your Halloween heroine? Keep safe and stay spooky,

Han xx

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