Girls Night In – The Perfect Recipe

Now every girl can agree to this that once in a while you need a good girls night in, whether its alcohol and giggles or hot chocs with a classic chick flick. I personally would have one every weekend if I could! I’ve clubbed together a list of things to equal the perfect (in my opinion) girls night in.

Pick a date and send out the invites.

Now, I’m not saying you have to make solid postcard invites if you don’t want to. Just drop your friends a text or make a group chat to arrange a date, get one set and make sure it’s in everyone’s diaries.

List of Movies

Gather everyone’s suggestions for the types of movies you want to watch, whether its a typical chick flick movie list (like the 101 ideas I listed here). Or if your girls night is going to be themed or based on the season; Halloween = scary movies etc.

Shopping List

Make a list of all the drinks and snacks you might want at your girls night. This could be hot chocolate or alcohol (if you’re above legal age and drinking responsibly), chocolate, sweets, popcorn or crisps. Make sure there’s something for everyone.

Get Cosy

Gather all the blankets, cushions and duvets between you all. The more the merrier (applies to comforts too!).


Unless you want just a chill girls night, binge-watching films or just having a chin-wag, you can also write a list of games to play (can be drinking or non-drinking!).

Final Details

Pick a room and decorate (if you want to). I go with bunting, candles, fairy lights normally, again unless it’s themed. I love creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for my girls to fully relax into so we can all unwind together.

Don’t forget to pick your outfit!

Any favourite Comfies or PJ’s or matching if you want to go that far?

Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash

I hope this has helped you all plan out your next girls night in, let me know if you have any favourites or specific regimes you take when planning or whether you just wing it? I’d love to hear anyone else’s ideas and thoughts!

Hope you’re all staying safe!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. Cute post! I can’t remember the last time I had a girls night in – I didn’t really have any girl mates up until last year! But we’re definitely all arranging a get-together after this is over 🙂

  2. OMG this is perfect! I started renting a flat at the start of lockdown so haven’t been able to move in properly yet. When I do, and when it is safe to have friends over, I am 100% doing this!

    Tea in the Tub

  3. Can’t wait to get back to having lots of girls nights again! Missing my friends loads! Will defo be using these tips next time!

  4. This is so cute! Definitely going to use this to plan my next girls night 🥰🥰

  5. Em and Jess says:

    Great tips, I’m seriously craving a girls night having not seen my gals in so long!

  6. These are lovely ideas. I know it’s not the same, but I’ve planned to do this for myself for tonight so I’m using these suggestions 😊

  7. I can’t wait for the time we can finally have a proper girls night in with friends!

  8. Marissa says:

    I really need a girls night! This is the perfect one!

  9. I love a good girls night! I can’t wait to be able to host one once we’re allowed to see friends again 🥰

  10. This is awesome 💕 can’t wait to hangout with my girls 🤩

  11. This is great – can’t wait to put these tips to use! x

    Paige // Paige Eades

  12. This is such a cute idea! I definitely need to suggest something like this to my friends cause we would all love it! Xxx

  13. I really need to do this with my friends, such a cute idea

  14. Anu says:

    These are some really cute tips. Thanks!!

  15. Cannot wait to do this with my girlies after things get better xx

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