Flying alone for the first time….

As I’m writing this right now I’m currently sat on a plane from London to Poznan, Poland to go see my best friend! However (and as she’ll understand) I am overwhelmed and so freaking proud of myself with the fact I’m on the plane, on my own!

A year ago I flew to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and that was the first time flying without my family/parents etc and I was sh***ing myself then and guess what… nothing had changed. I’m not at all the most confident flyer, I don’t detest it however if there is an alternate route (excluding a plane) then I would much rather take that, it just makes me nervous and pushes my anxiety through the roof.

So I set off on my journey to Poland this morning at 9:30am, my boyfriend dropped me at the train station and I traveled to London Luton airport, I’m no stranger to trains as this is predominantly how I’ve traveled the majority of my life (apart from driving or being driven around), I arrived at the airport at around 11am, I went straight to the check in desk, sorted my bag out and headed through to security. This part was not actually the hard part, it was the boarding; seeing the plane – waiting in line etc. Once I got on the plane I began to write and now I’m about to watch a movie.

Overall, I just wanted to write a blog post to document this as for me personally it’s a huge step! I’m so incredibly proud of myself and I have no reason not to be.

Happy Hannah!

I’m going to now enjoy the rest of my holiday with my best friend!

**Editor Han here! Just a note to say I’ve been and come back from Poznan now, I had the most incredible time and am already planning to go back again next year!**

P.s we are flying back together so I should be okay.

Thank you for reading, as always.

Han xx

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  1. Omg I’d be really scared to fly alone! It’s so cool that you did it, you’re right, you should feel really proud! πŸ˜€

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