Empties: Restock or Regret?

I’ve seen plenty of people do these type of videos and posts but I thought I’d give it a go too. I’m sure there’ll be someone, somewhere that’s interested in finding out about some products I’ve loved so much, I used until they were entirely empty! I love reading these type of posts and watching the videos, it makes me consider buying the items a lot more, knowing someone enjoyed it that much to completely finish it.

So here are my empties, I’ll give you a rough idea of how long it took me to use it all (and how often I used it) and also if I’ll be restocking or regretting the purchase…:

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Diesel Loverdose Tattoo Perfume (30ml):


I got this as part of a gift set for Christmas 2015 which included a few body lotions too, I finished it about 6 months after only using it approx once a week (I didn’t want it to run out, it was only the small 30ml!!). I then asked for it again for Christmas 2016, but I received a different version (Diesel Loverdose – Purple) again in a gift set, both these scents are so suited to me and if I had the budget to buy these weekly or monthly I most definitely would!


Buy ‘Tattoo’ here.

Buy ‘Purple’ here.

Hollister Seacliff Beach Body Mist (250ml):


This one is from a long time ago (as Hollister have now discontinued the product!!). I loved using this, it’s so light and fresh smelling, just one spray in the morning before college did me for about 5 months, I obviously used it repeatedly for a small period of time (and for some reason, which I’m very glad about now, never threw the bottle away). If someone finds a link or somewhere that I can re-purchase this from, you will be my hero!

RESTOCK! (if possible)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination & Sensitive Skin (400ml):


I did originally buy the much smaller 125ml in the pink version, however I found that one left my skin looking a little shiny and oily, so didn’t end up finishing it and just gave it away to a friend. This one, however, I used daily (and I know, it’s not completely finished quite yet, but I know that by the time this post is published it will be!), it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and fresh, no stinging or weird smells. For the amount you get (400ml) and the price, it does really last you a long time (mine lasted probably around 6 months, maybe longer). I think you can tell what my decision is…


Buy it here.

Mac False Lashes Extreme Black (8g):


This I got as a birthday present (January) and I religiously wear mascara everyday, so I quickly began to make my judgement with this product after only a few uses. I wasn’t so sure I liked it at first, because of the shapeless applicator, it was so long and straight that you struggled to get to the inner and outer corners as easily. Despite this, I did use it till all the product had gone and it began to go dry. The staying power of the mascara was really good until it started to rain, or you cried, or even did some light exercise. I mean, it’s not a waterproof version, but surely after a long day it shouldn’t all be gathering for a mothers meeting under your eyes. This made my decision a little easier (that and the price).

REGRET! (Not really, just wouldn’t buy again, although if I did – I’d try the waterproof!)

Buy Mascara here.

Yankee Candles Jars in Scents ‘True Rose’ and ‘Black Cherry’ (104g): 


I LOVE YANKEE CANDLE! So my opinion of these will probably be quite biased, but these two are by far two of my favourite Yankee scents! Both coloured red, giving my room a pop of colour but  also the size of the jars… I do prefer the small/medium sized jars as I feel they slot into such cute places in my room, whether that be between books or on a shelf or next to my bed, they just suit the space they’re in. I do recommend these scents so much to any first buyers at Yankee however I love the brand and stores so much that I’m not sure there is many products you can pick up and not like.


Buy True Rose here.

Buy Black Cherry here.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer (30ml):


Now this was my first primer I had ever tried which was a shame because it has kind of put me off using primers. The way it made my skin feel was super oily, greasy and almost sticky. In my opinion it was trying to act like a layer of glue between your foundation and skin, but wasn’t doing a great job. I understand everyone has different skin types (Mine being oily/combination) so this isn’t me telling everyone not to buy it, but for me personally it was a shame.

If anyone has any good primer recommendations, I’d love to hear them!


Buy Primer here.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (10.7ml):


These mascaras have turned in to my holy grail products, I wear mascara pretty much everyday which means I’ve been through a lot of mascaras and I try to vary which I use to find my favourites, but quite early on I hit the jackpot with these. The applicator is quite big, round and bushy which is amazing for creating the volume I want and doesn’t make it too hard to get into the tight corners of your eyes. I will now always have one of these in my makeup bag regardless of whether I’m using that one at the time, or not.


Buy 100% Black Mascara here.

Buy Mascara here.

Have you got any products you’ve loved so much you used it all up?

Han xx


  1. lunablogsz says:

    love reading these posts, must do one when i use up some products! lovely post x

    1. Thank you! And yeah I’d love to see that! X

  2. Yankee candle black berry is a firm favourite scent of mine! Could you recommend some summer scents? Also great post I love these hit or misses posts! Xx

    1. Fresh cotton for all year round really 🙂 lemon lavender & pink hibiscus are summery ones I’d say:) & aw thanks xx

  3. Ashleigh Crumlish says:

    The first primer I ever used was a Rimmel one!! I can’t remember the name of it but it was really tacky and I didn’t like it!! Xx

    1. Yeah, this is quite tacky and just kind of “matte” slime 😂x

  4. Queen Sapphire says:

    Gotta love a good old Yankee candle <3 they are always a restock for me too, my wallet doesn't enjoy it so much though

    1. Yeah😂 I love them!! So aesthetically pleasing the packaging and the smells are insane😍

  5. I always buy the smaller Yankee candles too, I find the smell with the bigger ones tends to sort of wear off quicker and I love trying all the different scents too!
    Haven’t tried any of the other products you’ve mentioned here but I love a good high end scent so I’ll definitely be going to try that Diesel perfume!
    Alice Xx

    1. Yeah same!! & it’s so nice smelling – can’t recommend it enough ☺️

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