Edinburgh Food Diary

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer no matter what you’re doing!

I’ve been in Edinburgh for the past few days (not specifically for fringe however we did manage to see Cirque Beserk! whilst we were there) and I thought seen as though I never managed/got round to documenting my food diary in Amsterdam I thought that I’d do it for Edinburgh instead for those who maybe visiting.

My boyfriend and I stayed in an Airbnb (find a link below to get yourself a little discount with Airbnb) with a kitchen so we made breakfast for ourselves every morning as it was just easier and we felt no rush to get up and out in the morning for breakfast anywhere.

So without further ado…

Tuesday Lunch: Cold Town House, EH1 2JU.


This was our first “proper” meal in Edinburgh and it is probably one of my favourites, the scenery and design that has gone into creating a beautiful restaurant like this is phenomenal. Both myself and my boyfriend ordered a pizza from their stone-baked oven pizzas, they also brew their own beer for those of you who like beer (unfortunately not for me) which is the drink that my boyfriend ordered. The food was delicious and I was gutted that I got so full so quickly as I could have eaten that all day! The restaurant also has an upstairs rooftop bar which we visited for a little bit however I was getting attacked by a wasp so I didn’t want to stay long enough for it to sting me, hahah.

Tuesday Dinner: Burgers and Beers, EH1 1RW.


This was somewhere we hadn’t planned on visiting however we both didn’t know where to go for food and after a quick Google search this place came up. It’s a very cosy feeling along with a very Texas feel to the decor. We ordered 4 chicken wings each (I had BBQ sauce, my boyfriend had buffalo), then of course we ordered our burgers; both chicken burgers with all the dressings and toppings and a portion of fries to share. I love burgers, especially chicken ones so I had high hopes for this place and it did not disappoint. The whole feel of the place and the delicious food, I would highly recommend a visit if you’re in Edinburgh.

Wednesday Lunch: The Gateway @ Royal Botanical Gardens, EH3 5NY / Hula Juice Bar & Cafe, EH1 2JP.

So this lunch was a little odd as we weren’t too hungry so we kinda split it in two and had two snacks, ahah.


First up was the cafe at the gardens, I only wanted something small to put me on until later as we were planning a lot of sightseeing today. After quite a cold/weird welcome as they were so shocked we didn’t want to have a look at the full menu, we were seated outside and I ordered a scone with cream and jam, alongside this a freshly squeezed pure apple juice (which when served I am pretty sure it just came out of a carton from Tesco). The scone was beautiful however due to the reception and service we received I don’t think I’ll be rushing back anytime soon.


A little later on I was still a little peckish so we ‘popped’ into a place I had seen a few people visit (including Zoe Sugg). The decor and atmosphere was very cute and summery so I very much enjoyed eating here (it was rather busy and squashed in at times). We both ordered a sweat treat of Chocolate Fudge Cake and Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake, they were both delicious however a little too much on the sickly side (unless I was just scoffing it down, haha). We both ordered a fresh juice too and they were probably one of my favourite drinks every, you could see them being made with all the fresh ingredients behind the till point and then served in a take away cup so we could take them out after. Happily revisit here!

Wednesday Dinner: Frizzante Proseccheria, EH3 9AW.


After watching ‘Cirque Beserk!’ as part of the Fringe festival we were well in need of a filling meal and I was very much in the mood for a traditional Italian pasta dish. We, again, had a little Google search and came across this family owned Italian ‘cosy feel’ restaurant round the corner from the theatre. I was a little sceptical at first as it seemed a little odd (very small entrance with a few tables in the area you would queue) however once seated and had a walk through the restaurant I was very at ease. The staff were all so lovely and welcoming, and the food was delicious; I had a lasagne and my boyfriend had a pepperoni and salami pizza, both of us loved our meals, again I got full quite quickly so was unable to finish it all, however I shall most definitely be revisiting again next time I’m in Edinburgh.

Thursday Lunch: Snacks on the train home, haha.

One place I do want to mention too, however we didn’t eat at (only drank) was the place called ‘Festival Village‘, now I thought originally it was part of Fringe Festival however after speaking to a few people it is open majority of the year and is well worth a visit in the other seasons. It’s an outdoor ‘village’ of little street kitchens and bars with decking, turf, wooden furniture and a raised stage in the middle in which local musician acts would come perform, now if anyone follows my Instagram I was constantly posting videos of this place every night we visited. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Overall, I had an incredible time in Edinburgh as well as eating all this incredible food! and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my food diary for the time I spent in Edinburgh! If anyone has any questions or wants any more recommendations of places to visit in Edinburgh, I have plenty more that I want to visit or have on my to-go list (both foody places and touristy places too!).

Thanks for reading, as always.

Han xx

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