Do MORE of what makes YOU happy!

I’ve touched upon the term ‘Happiness‘ a lot in my blog but never have I addressed what it means to me or what I consider to be ‘Happy‘.

If you ask someone what is ‘Happy‘ most will answer ‘A feeling‘. Now it can be an I do see it as that but most people feel you have to have something, have done something, have someone to make you happy. In my eyes that’s all a lie. You can just be generally happy. Now that is not at all to say I don’t have things that make me happy or are an addition to my general happiness because my family and friends all make me happy, my hobbies, my career path, my aims, ambitions, future. They all make me happy. But I can also just be happy. Alfie Deyesย is a YouTuber who lives by the motto: ‘Do more of what makes you happy.’


I absolutely LOVE this quote.

If something is making you happy, DO MORE!

If something isn’t making you happy, STOP IT!

You shouldn’t worry about anyone else, this is your life – you choose how to live it. People can have their own opinions but what really matters is what you want in life.

Just ask yourself this: ‘Am I happy?‘ and if the answer is No, change it.

This covers everything in life; relationships, work, studying, living etc. You can apply this to anything you are doing in life, if you want to put your happiness first (I know I do) then make a change and stop just letting your life slip by without being the best life it can be.

Just your little boost of Monday Motivation for you. Make that change and increase your happiness, I know I will be!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx

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