Did I survive?

Freshers. Yes, University Freshers week is what I am talking about, now if I didn’t survive I wouldn’t be writing this now would I? It wasn’t entirely what I was expecting (it was better!) however I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to read back this post in weeks, months, years to come and remember the great memories made in these first two weeks of being at University.

Now first on everyone’s nervous minds when moving to uni is making friends and settling in and I am one of those worriers. I moved to university on Friday 22nd September at around tea time, at which none other of my flat mates had moved in. I was the first. Unloading the car and carrying my whole life upstairs and into and out of lifts was tiring enough that we needed a well deserved Nandos tea, and luckily for me there is one just under 10 minutes walk away! That night went really fast, unpacking and getting ready to meet some of my course mates for a night out at the student union bar.


The weekend that commenced after that night was a whirlwind of getting to know my course mates who I consider some very close friends of mine (and yes, we have only known each other 2 weeks now, however when you’re hanging out everyday for 2 weeks… that’s enough to call them close friends.) and my new flatmates who all moved in over that weekend. All my flat mates are so different and unique in their own way however I feel very comfortable around them (which is always good when I’m spending the next year living with them) and we got to know each other very quickly and easily, with also getting to know each others friends (that we’d also made in that week/weekend too).

My first week of actual lectures, seminars and practical lessons (since I am studying Dance, I do need time in a studio as well as a lecture theatre and classroom) went super quick and I learnt so much in such little time, there were obviously classes I loved more than others, but I assume that’s a given. My body aches from all the 9am practical lessons 5 days in a row (YES, 5 DAYS – NO BREAK). However, I can now confirm it’s worth it and I can’t wait to see what the next three years brings. I can tell I’m going to like it here.


Yes, I have been missing home (but again, that’s normal) and I’ve had numerous facetime calls with my family & friends and even a letter via email from my grandma! But I know I’m not too far from home and they’re only a call away (also helps that my boyfriend is also at university only 45 minutes away!). I did actually take a trip home this past weekend and loved every minute spent with my family, was so nice to see them again and catch up!

And finally, yes I did survive freshers! With a bad case of a sore throat, cough and cold I can now confirm I’m on a speedy recovery from the dreaded “Freshers Flu” and I held my drink strong as a student should and was not sick once! (Not that you needed to know that anyway, haha)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my journey to University and I hope to bring you more student content (a room tour is in the works, as soon as I tidy my room, haha!).

Thanks for reading!

Han xx


  1. Uni sounds like such a daunting experience at first I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

    1. Yeah it originally was however it’s all just the overthinking you do before getting there. I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought I would ☺️

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