Coming Home…

Being at university has been incredible and I have loved every second of it so far but occasionally I do feel a bit home sick (as expected) so during my “Reading/Enhancement” week I came home for a few days to spend time with my family and friends from up north.It became more real that I don’t live at home anymore when visiting because I felt as though I’ve missed out on loads and there was a list as long as my leg of things to catch up with; most of which being friends. I remembered all the amazing memories and places back home that I wanted to revisit, the shops I wanted to nip in and the food places I wanted to go. Coming home for just a few days probably wouldn’t be long enough for all of this…

After going through a rough couple of weeks feeling home sick, having a lot of work to be doing and going through a break up, I was extremely excited to come home, despite it only being for a few days.

Being home didn’t disappoint! Surprising my little sister after school, having a lovely lunch with my Grandma, Mum and one of my sisters and going on a wild night out in York with some friends was a weekend I’ll cherish as one of my faves.

Don’t get me wrong; there were people I didn’t get to see and things I didn’t get to do  which I wanted to, however that just means another trip is in order 😉 I obviously plan on coming home at Christmas time for Christmas and New Year, however with a job in Leicester and the struggles of a student budget I feel there might not be another trip before then.

University feels like a different life (I sort of feel like Hannah Montana, although my two lives are miles apart from each other) and when I am home all my responsibilities I would normally have E.g. Lessons, Cooking, Cleaning, Time Management, kinda go out the window.

I love being at University, but I love being home also.

Thanks for reading, let me know how you feel about going home from University if you’re a student? And if not, what your favourite thing about home is?

Han xx


  1. Home is where by babies are so one day when they’re grown and going to university like yourself, I hope they’ll be wanting to come home 😁

    1. Aw, yes of course they’ll be wanting to come home, it’s such a lovely feeling and time to spend together 🙂

  2. I used to love coming home from uni to see family its the best!!!

    1. Yes!! Love it!!

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