Christmas has started…

Yes, it is the fourth of December and not the first, however I wanted to stick to my one post a week routine whilst I have a few deadlines during this month and with all the hectic festivities to come I thought I’d give myself the past weekend to get organised.

So, Christmas is here (not technically, but the season is well under way) and in this post I’m going to discuss how I get feeling festive during the lead up to Christmas, I also want to know what all your traditions are over this season and any recommendations on things I should do, make, go to etc…

So first is an essential when coming up to December and enjoying the countdown to Christmas, of course this being an Advent Calendar! I got myself one over a week ago now in time to start it on the 1st however my family also sent me one to my university accommodation so I didn’t feel left out, aw!


Next on my festive checklist was decorations for my flat/room at university as due to my job now being in Leicester I will be spending a lot of the Christmas season here and not at home (Don’t worry I will be home at Christmas and new year!) I wanted to get into the festive mood. I bought tinsel, a festive wreath to hang on my room door and a Christmas tree like stand with ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on it. I obviously have my current fairy lights on every night without fail and that makes my tinsel I’ve got shine and sparkle!!


Hot Chocolate. Every Night. Do I have to say anymore?

Watching Christmas films is a necessity and I do have a post coming up on my favourite Christmas films, so keep an eye out for that one. But in addition to this, when sat in bed or on the sofa watching these I need to be in my new set of Christmas PJ’s.


Speaking of clothing; Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 15th December, raising money for Save The Children! Get those wacky jumpers out, dust them off and get ready.

And finally, get feasting on those gingerbread men (I’ve been obsessed with!!), yule logs and mince pies… the pigs in blankets will be on their way very soon.


Hope you’re getting into the festive spirit as much as I am, I truly love Christmas and all it’s festivities, comment below what you’ll be getting up to during December, no matter now fun or exciting.

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


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