My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!

So back in September I booked to go to the Blogosphere Christmas Festival which will be my first blogging event since starting up my blog on June 10th and the time has now come for me to write my post on my experience of the day.

I’d got my outfit, hair and makeup all planned out ready for the event and packed ready, after many changes in ways of getting to London from Leicester, my friend Sam drove me down and then spent the day in London himself too. After manic tube rides and getting stuck in rushes I finally made it (an hour ish late but who’s counting??). A few girls I had spoke to prior to the event helped me get to the actual event as I was never too good at orienteering and managed to get myself lost on the road right next to the venue! Kate, Sarah and Kristy were so lovely to meet and hopefully I’ll stay in contact with them as they made me feel super welcome and were the perfect guides for my first event._DSC1214

I had absolutely no expectations when coming to a blogging event as I had no idea what would be there or what the agenda was; there were a few brands with stalls around the edges of the hall that we went and spoke to as well as receiving a few goodies to try out. I loved getting to know about a few small brands and businesses I’d never heard of but absolutely love the concept of. A few of the businesses that were there were; So?, Deliciously Ella, Kusmi Tea, OGX, and Absolutely Collagen…




The panels (talks) from different niche’s of bloggers were so interesting to listen to and put the faces of people to their blogs and hear what they had to say on certain topics in the blogging community and industry. I loved getting this new insight to the side of blogging I hadn’t been introduced to yet and not to mention the amazing bloggers that were on the panels and giving incredible advice.



As I left at 4pm (ish) I missed out on the last panel, but enjoyed the whole day and can’t wait for the next event (which I will 100% going to) – I also came away with a few goody bags packed to the brim with treats from the brands that were there and a few that weren’t. I shall go into detail in another post what I got given and maybe even give a mini review on some of them that I used and loved!

This event helped me in so many ways and was a big eye opener for me into the community I’ve joined and been very warmly welcomed into. I am so proud to be a blogger and see what the future holds!


(Sarah recording for her vlog, check it out here!)

Thank you Blogosphere for such an amazing event!

And thank you as always for reading,

Han xx


  1. Looks like such a fun event!

    1. Yeah! I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to any blogger!!

  2. m4gical says:

    This is so lovely! What an awesome venue, I definitely would love to start going to events in the summer, I’ll have to find people to go with! x x

    1. Come with me!πŸŽ‰

      1. m4gical says:

        For sure, I’d love to x x

        1. Message me on twitter & we can arrange xx

          1. m4gical says:

            contacted you on insta x x

  3. ItsSimplyMeJasmine says:

    Looks like such an amazing experience! Xx

    1. It is! Highly recommend! X

  4. anonymousblogger444 says:

    Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to see your posts on the goodies. X

    1. It’s up! Go check out my latest one xx

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