Be your own cheerleader!

Now I’ve spoken on my blog before about self-love, respect, belief and confidence however, as much as it’s a conversation that seems to still be on the back burner in many peoples life’s, I have very much become a huge fan of it.

You’re the only person who knows of everything going on in your life, people in your life see the versions of yourself you choose to show (especially when it comes to social media), some of which are not your true self, throughout all good and bad you have those special people who are there for you and yeah there are people who know more about you than yourself but there is only one person you can 100% truly count on to be there for you and that’s because they have no other choice, YOU.

I am training to enter an industry that I personally don’t feel are the most supportive (it definitely can be, for sure and it is changing everyday, positive changes, just need to happen quicker!) however I know that now and can expect that once I graduate however not knowing the level of support you are going to get and if you’re used to a certain level and that changes it might shock you a little. Over the last few months I’ve learnt to celebrate for myself, be proud of my achievements instead of shrugging them off to the side.

Be your own cheerleader, celebrate your little wins and share with others the big ones, they don’t have to know every step you take in your life, and you certainly do not have to explain your way of life to people. Now go grab your pom poms!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx

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  1. Totally agree with you πŸ™‚
    We are our own strength!

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