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So with us moving in to autumn and winter time I like to switch up my make-up essentials to fit more with the season. I’ve put together a list of my essentials for you guys to give you some ideas! Definitely involves a lot of night out/party make-up because that’s a big part of the festive season but these can be used every day too!

Warm Golden Eyeshadow

So my go to eye look during autumn/winter it’s very much gold and bronzy. I love the look of warm eyeshadows all the time really but it’s definitely a staple during this season! You can tone it down for a day look or build it up dark and smoky for an evening look. It’s so versatile! I feel like it’s a really good look for anyone to; whether you’re confident with make-up or just a complete newbie. There is so many palettes out there with loads of warm gold colours so you can use which ever suits. However just to give some recommendations I’ll give you some ideas to the ones I use too! Firstly one that I love is the ABH Soft Glam and Modern Renaissance Palette or the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. These have been up there with my favourite palettes for a while now as you really can’t beat them!

Full Coverage Foundation

So another thing that becomes part of my essentials in autumn/winter is a good full coverage foundation. The colder months really don’t help my skin so there is a lot more that needs to be covered! In summer I tend to stick with a dewier look but in winter I much prefer full coverage. As there is also a lot more parties and festivities going on full-coverage tends to come in handy for nights out or long days shopping! I am yet to find a good high street foundation but my favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. This foundation covers absolutely everything and it doesn’t budge! I’ve found it works really well with other make-up too so you can get the look you want really easily. I will say it’s not one I like wearing every day as I like to give my skin a break but for those special occasions and weekends it’s definitely worth it!

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Red Lippy

Another must have for autumn and winter has good to be a good red lipstick! I love wearing a red lipstick when it gets colder as I feel it really helps make a look. Definitely a good one for parties but also everyday if you want to look a bit more dressed up. There’s a lot of different red lippies out there and it’s something a lot of people will probably already have; however one of my favourites has got to be Mac Ruby Woo! This is a really matte red colour and it’s perfect because if you apply it right it just won’t budge. I wore it to death last year and I plan on doing the same this year!

A Good Lip Balm

In line with the above I’ve found I go through sooo much lip balm when I’m wearing more long lasting matte lippys. Lip balm is something I tend to use morning and night to keep my lips in good condition. The cold really doesn’t help so I properly have to cake it on to keep my lips from going all dry and sore. This is definitely needed when I’m wearing a lot more matte red lippy! One of my favourites are the little Vaseline tins, in particular the rose one. The rose one because it has a little pink tint to it so it’s almost like wearing lip gloss but it’s helping nourish your lips!


Now this one is very self-explanatory and probably my favourite! I love incorporating glitter into my make-up routine this time of year. It’s perfect for nights out and parties but to be honest any excuse is good for me! There’s a couple of ways I like to include it, one is on my eyes and the other is with highlighter. I like using the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow on my eyes for nights out to add a lot of sparkle! It’s so easy to use and it gives a really good effect I think. One of my favourite extra highlighters is the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighters. These are so pretty and so sparkly they really do look gorgeous on the skin! It’s not one I would wear everyday as it is a little bit in your face but for a special occasion it’s perfect. Can’t beat some glitter this time of year!

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I hope these essentials have given you some ideas on how to change up your makeup for autumn/winter! I absolutely love all these products and I can’t wait to use them as we start changing to the new seasons!

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