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Since Lockdown begin, so many people have had to part ways with the gym. Some are secretly quite happy about that and others are missing their beloved. I’ve been focusing on my fitness and health a lot more and have culminated a list of workouts I have been doing or at least tried during these times. I hope this helps you find an at home workout you love and pushes you to truly enjoy working out, not see it as a chore.


This was my first experience using an app that plans my workouts for me and has a set goal/aim. My flatmate was the one who had the app and I just tagged along however I still felt very included and responsible. I loved the fact I didn’t have to think about the workouts until I was actually doing them. I also am very impressed with their response to feedback, we fed back to them a few minor things and within a short period of time they were implemented. Very impressed. Recommend for those who just want to get up do the workout and check that box.

Lottie Daisy Abs Blast

Mondays, Wednesday and now Fridays (used to be Saturdays), Lottie leads an Instagram Live through Abs Blast and it sure is that. She has the most infectious energy and smile, she is the best spirit to have during a hefty workout. The actual class goes quite quickly as it’s very well sectioned into parts focusing on warm up, standing abs, seated abs, finisher etc. Highly recommend to everyone!

This is also featured in my Daily Lockdown Routine.

Lauren Hollie Fitness Classes

Now Lauren is a trained PT and Fitness Instructor but also my flatmate so I may be a little bias. However, I have seen all the behind the scenes, I’ve been the guinea pig and now I’m seeing her strive. Her at home workout classes are so varied and well presented. She always enjoys teaching and that shows through in all her classes. She’s currently doing Β£10 for a week worth of (6 classes – that’s less than Β£2 a class) classes including Abs, Body Con, Pilates, HIIT and more! Go check her out!

Natasha Oceane

Thanks to Lauren ^ I have now become obsessed with Natasha’s YouTube channel and Instagram. She completed an Iron Man Triathlon, for those of you that don’t know she’s basically now a super woman! This woman is extremely knowledgeable and very informative. She doesn’t just throw up a workout for you to follow along with, you can tell she has put effort and thought into it, ensuring to work with all the science behind it all too. If you aren’t too clued up when it comes to fitness I would highly recommend following her and checking out some of her content,

Zanna Van Dijk – Live and YouTube

Zanna is a content creator who I have followed for a while. I love her for not only her content but her positivity, enthusiasm, determination and passion. This all shows through in her online presence. She came back from a life threatening incident back in the Maldives and is now such an inspiration to a lot of people, not just me. Her workouts and Instagram Lives are so enjoyable, tough but enjoyable. I feel I can accomplished anything after doing one. Highly recommend!

My Own

Now that I’m back at home and not glued to Lauren’s hip I have found myself becoming a little more experimental with my workouts. After writing down a directory of every move I can do in an ‘at home workout’, I now have been planning out workouts for myself and friends to do including some that I share on my Instagram. I now feel a little bit more equipped to alter other people’s workouts to suit me better when I’m training.

I hope I’ve shared at least one inspiration for you to effectively use this time to workout at home. It may only be once but doing a home workout has opened up my eyes and steered me away from wanting to go back to the gym. How about you? Have you been working out? Do you see yourself going back to the gym?

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. Sunshine says:

    I haven’t worked out at all during lockdown except for the occasional dog walk or longer walk outside in nature! 🌟
    Lol but it’s great you’ve found workouts which work for you!

    1. That’s still getting active in one way or another though! Thank you!

  2. I am so jealous your flatmate is a PT. I would be so motivated and I’m sure they would kick my ass into gear. I’m really glad that the gyms are back- my motivation was decreasing.

    1. Hahah, it is definitely beneficial!

  3. I’m so jealous that your flatmate is a PT! I would love to have a flatmate to be a PT! These are some great workouts Hannah! x

    Lucy |

  4. i feel so called out! (in a good way, lol) I recently invested in a treadmill bc I’ve become depressingly lazy – but I really want to try some of these workouts too xx

    mia //

  5. I love Natasha Oceane, she’s such a queen!
    I’ve definitely been using this lock-down to get into better shape and it’s working πŸ™‚
    Mish |

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