All settled in!

Finally, after what seems a very long time coming, I’m moved in and settling in very nicely at my new flat in Leicester and I’m taking on my 2nd year at Addict! This post is one I have been thinking about writing for a while as I wanted to document the long process of finding the flat from the very beginning to now having moved in and settled.

It’s just going to be the “how I got here” kind of post because as I said it’s been a long time since I first saw this flat.

November 2018:

This was the first time my best friend and I started looking at flats to live in for the next academic year, we’d booked approximately 7-10 flats to go view over the course of the next two months leading up to Christmas, 3 of which were on consecutive days (which I therefore found easier to compare them because they were fresh in my mind) and then just before we broke up for Christmas break, I went to view 6 all in the same day, so if we liked any we could get the ball rolling on it over Christmas.

After viewing all our flats, we’d decided on a few we really like so went back to the estate agents to decide and book the one we wanted. Turns out after filling in all paperwork and having emails coming back and forth for a few weeks, they turned us down due to us ‘not being official students of Leicester‘ HAHA! I’m sorry, what?! We have University cards, proof of student status (from both Addict and the university that fund it) for council tax, our acceptance letters, proof of addresses for last few years, I don’t know what else they wanted? So after wasting our time and therefore making us lose out on the other flats we’d seen and liked because they’d been booked up within this time, we were pretty much back to square one.

It got to February 2019 now, and we’d booked another 5 flat viewings to view all in one day over half term. This had to be it we thought! Nope, again didn’t find one that was suited for us. Another few flat viewings later and now pushing into March, WE HAD DONE IT! We’d found a flat 1) We loved, 2) Was within our budget (just!) 3) Was great for location and size and everything else we’d been looking for! So we booked it! The turn around was probably within 2-3 weeks with signing all the documents, forms and letters, all that was left was for us to wait til 1st July to take over the tenancy.


My best friend got an INCREDIBLE offer! She’d been looking into where she would possibly want to go study for her 3rd year (the year after we’d live together, to top up to degree) and she was offered a direct transfer into her 2nd year at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance! This meant not having to restart AGAIN and do 1st year all over again! I cannot put into words how happy for her I was when she told me, this is something she wished for when she was younger!


This now meant she was moving to LONDON! And I’d be left without a flatmate, meaning 1) I wouldn’t be living with my best friend anymore and 2) We needed to find someone to take over the tenancy before 1st July 2019 or else my best friend would still be required to pay the rent. So commence the flatmate hunt!

As Addict were well underway with their auditions for September 2019 it wasn’t as hard as I’d anticipated to find someone that I would be comfortable living with. After a few of the newly accepted students had posted on their Instagram stories, tagging Addict and therefore Addict re-posting it on their story, I messaged a few of them, and a girl called Lauren replied, after chatting for a while I invited her to come view the flat as she seemed really interested and willing. Come May 14th, Lauren came to view the flat, and thankfully loved it as much as myself and my best friend did too. That day we got the paperwork and process of transferring the tenancy agreement over.

After approximately a month of signing forms and back and forth emails again (like last time) it was confirmed! This was our flat! Now all was left to do was for me to move out of the sh**hole I was living in for the past year and enjoy my summer before moving into the flat of dreams, ready to take on my 2nd year at Addict!

We spent all summer messaging about the flat, getting super excited, planning little things like what to bring, how to decorate etc.

The day came, Lauren had moved in on the Tuesday 27th August and I moved on Thursday 29th August, ready for our induction and re-enrolment on the Friday. We were in! All moved in and settling in very nicely! Now despite the fact we had no WiFi for nearly 4 weeks and no working TV signal for a while, the flat is just how I remembered.

Nearly a year later but we are settled in and very happy with the flat, I will be posting a lot of photos (mainly on my Instagram: @hannah.kay.k) however I might do a ‘mini tour’ of the flat when I find a day to keep it all tidy enough to take photos, haha. But do keep an eye on out my Instagram for those photos!

If you managed to read all the way to the end, I congratulate you! I know this was one hell of a post, however I can’t wait to look back and remember these big changes in my life and the long processes I went through and that all that time paid off in the end!

Thank you so much! Truly!

Han xx


  1. This seems so stressful! When we moved we only had two weeks and I’m honestly glad it was so quick as it didn’t give me time to overthink it. I’m glad you are all settled now x

  2. First of all; congrats on being all settled in, it’s such a huge life changing thing but it’s so great to see you’re doing well and things worked out in terms of finding another great flatmate. Wishing you all the best + thanks for sharing – I always find it interesting to find out how this stuff works, for future reference and stuff! x

    1. Thank you! Yeah! It’s interesting but I’d recommend researching as much as you can! Xx

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