Hi there!

I’m guessing you want to know a bit about my blog and I.

Well, I’m Hannah, I’m 22ย years old and am studying Dance at Addict Dance Academy in the midlands in Leicester. A Northern Yorkshire lass at heart, this blog started before the big move away from home, it started as something to fill my time over summer. I now see it as my online journal; anything I wish to ramble about you will find on this blog.

As some of you may know, this blog used to be under the name Rand0mg4l, until I had the idea (and mainly the guts) to change it to ‘Hannah Kay‘. When first starting out blogging, I was super nervous and not sure how it would go, so I hid myself and went under a different online name, one that I perceived to be fairly anonymous and as my confidence grew with blogging I felt stupid still going under this name as I felt it wasn’t me anymore. I am hoping to keep this as a memory locker of all the big changes through these years of my life and have something to read back over in the future.

Make sure you’re following me on my Instagram (@hannah.kay.k) as this is where I keep more updates on my busy and exciting life!

So here it is, my blog ‘Hannah Kay’ and I. That’s me! Hope you enjoy!