A letter to my ‘graduated-self’

**This letter was written on the 28th August 2020, 1 Month before I started my 3rd and final year. I aim to read this the day of or within the first week after I’ve graduated.**

Dear Hannah,

Firstly Congratulations (don’t ever get sick of hearing that, i’ll why explain later), you’ve done it! You have finished academic education. 6 Years in Primary School, 5 Years in Secondary/High School, 3 Years at College and now having completed 4 Years chasing your Dream Degree, it is finally yours. You have a First Class Honours Degree in Dance from Addict Dance Academy. Congratu-f**king-lations!!

Just take a minute and think back to this time last year, despite the COVID pandemic bringing your 2nd year of full time training to a speedy end, you were so hard working (both in and out of univerisy), you had such a high standard for yourself and pushed yourself to your absolute limits. This continues.

Pre-University – Summer 2017

Now think back to after you left De Montfort University, you were so lost, not knowing which was up, what your future had in store, where you wanted to go, but you knew Dance was in your veins (sorry for the cringe, I know you love it!). Joining Addict seemed a huge step towards that dream of being a Professional Dancer, the process of applying and auditioning was so quick and finding out that you got in whilst on holiday in Amsterdam, just remember that feeling!

And you’ve just taken another huge step, by successfully completing your full time training and achieving and incredible degree.

All the student debt will be worth it, not just for the degree, for the life you created for yourself, the person you have become, for the people you’ve met along the way, for the lessons you have learnt, all the highs and lows (and god knows it’s been one hell of a roller-coaster) you’ve been through in the last 4 years will now all be worth it.

A letter to my 'graduated-self'
Photos from January 2020 Showcase.

Be thankful, not just to the incredible and indescribable support you received from friends and family consistently throughout but also to the student overdraft, haha – you wouldn’t have gotten through without it.

Leicester will always have a small place in your heart, you lived in that city for 4 years (longer than your any of your relationships, haha), it has seen you through your best and worst days, your break-ups and your buildings of forever-friendships, your A&E visits to your wild nights out (none of which resulted in an A&E trip). You’ve lived in student halls, a 6 bed house (that was falling to pieces) and a beautiful 2 bed flat, you’ve ventured near and far and loved all that Leicester has to offer. It’s not goodbye, it’s a see ya later.

Remember the feeling you have now, having completed your Grad Show and received your degree, cherish that and take with you all that you’ve learnt, take with you the memories, the people, the places, the emotions and feelings and most importantly BE PROUD and embrace that. When someone says congratulations, accept that with open arms. You have done this. Yes the ‘Imposter Syndrome‘ will probably be trying to find its way to the front but crush it and remember all the effort you put in, the countless hours of work (and those from the ridiculous amount of jobs you had!), the late nights and early mornings. BE F**KING PROUD OF YOURSELF GAL!

Lockdown 2020

Now I’m not going to say ‘don’t be worried for the future’ because I know you’re already thinking about that, but be confident in that everything will work out, you have done the groundwork so now start working on that incredible career of yours, let the show commence.

Han, BA



  1. This is such a lovely post Hannah! Writing letters to ourselves in various capacities of life can be so empowering! You’ll look back on this with so much pride in years to come! <3

  2. I loved this letter you wrote to your graduated self Hannah! I love reading posts like this, letters to yourself writing from a different aspect in your life are just brilliant to read! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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