A Day in the Life at Dance School.

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while, in fact I first had the thought about writing it back in my first year but I put it off as I knew my blog wasn’t really aimed at or focusing on dance, however I am trying to change that and write more about dance because, as a lifestyle blogger, that is my lifestyle.

I know with Lockdown/Quarantine, Covid-19 and now it being summer I’ve not been at dance school since early March it feels slightly weird to be writing this, however it has made me appreciate the training I was getting and will continue in September. Also thought it’d be weird to compare how life as a dance student used to be and will be when I start back (with all the new COVID-19 rules). I’ll be heading back to training at the end of September so look out for the comparison post toward the end of the year.

I will also just point out my dance school I attend is still the university equivalent. When I finish my 3 years (summer 2021!) I will have graduated with a BA (Hons) in Dance Performance just as I would have if I’d have attended a ‘real’ university. But the main difference is the contact hours. At dance school I train 9-5 Monday to Friday equalling out to just over 30 hours a week, however when I was at University I was only getting roughly 16. So we’re doubling the training. You can see why I left ‘real’ university in my post which sums it up! I’d love to know if you guys are interested in a Dance School Vs Dance at University post as it’s been sat in my drafts for over a year!

So no more chit chat, here you go… A day in the life at Dance School.

As preparation and one less thing to do in the morning I pack my dance bag the night before, this consists of my lunch and snacks, my water bottle, a mixture of dance shoes and different outfits for the classes I’ll be taking and other bits and bobs I’ll need throughout the day.

6am (roughly!)

I wake up (most of the time give myself a lie in), brush teeth, brush hair, have my breakfast, do my make-up, do my hair (ensuring I am looking presentable for class). E.g. If I have ballet first thing at 9am I tend to do my ballet bun before arriving at training. This is not as different to the general public’s day to day mornings.


I set off at about 8 if not 8:15am to be there for 8:30-8:40am as this is the latest you are allowed to arrive. This ensures you’re in the building prepped and ready for your first class to start at 9am.


1st Class starts. Now I’ll just list all the classes I could have at any point in which it says ‘Class’ as they do all vary every day.

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • MT Jazz
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Latin
  • Cabaret
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Theory
  • Acro/Tumbling

These are all the possible classes that we could have on our timetable. So when it says ‘Class’ on here, know it’s one of these.


15-min break in which you can go to the toilet, grab quick bite of food and drink, get changed for next class, de-sweat and have a breather in between classes.


2nd Class


15-min break


3rd Class

1:15 – 2:15pm

Lunchtime! This is our longest break of the day, obviously it’s time for us to get our lunch and have a small rest. It’s also time where people can socialise a lot more, genuinely catch up with others etc and also take time to do any work they might need to catch up on.


4th Class


15-min Break


Final Class


Finish! All the classes we have are 1 hour 15 minutes and all the small breaks we have are 15 minutes so after one day training we’ve had 6 hours and 15 minutes of training. Now times that by 5 days, every day runs on the same time slots just the classes will vary.

My evenings after dance will vary a lot depending on what’s going on during that week. If I am working I tend to work straight from the the last class to whatever time I finish. This means my evenings are very rarely free unless I’m not working.

If I’m not at work I try to go to the gym straight after class or after tea (depending on how hungry I am). I also (pre-lockdown) was aiming to go to the gym 3-4 times per week as well as my 9-5 training.

I’d have tea when I get in as I tend to be quite hungry considering the last time I ate before getting home was about 1:30pm, when I’m cooking my tea I also tend to cook food for next day (if I haven’t already bulk made my lunches at the weekend).

I then spend majority of my evenings either doing assignments (because yes, as you previously saw we do have theory classes because it is a degree course) or relaxing. I do also something along the lines of Netflix, reading, working on my blog, having a stretch if my body is feeling achey etc.

I’m definitely more of a ‘night-shower’er when I’m in training because the early mornings are killers without having to accommodate time for a shower as well. Once I start getting ready for bed, I’ll pack my bag for the next day and get settled ready to sleep.

This post hopefully shows you how intense our training can be, whilst a lot of people do 9-5 in an office we are in a dance studio basically doing 6 hours of workouts a day, 5 days a week. I understand it’s all different intensities and hard work for everyone. I will say, not all our weeks are the same, it is varied timetable.

Would you like me to write a post later in the year giving you an insight into how it’ll all change? Because when we go back we’ll have covid-19 rules to abide by and it’ll be strange to see the difference? Let me know!

If you have anymore questions with regards to dance training or careers etc, don’t be afraid to ask!

As always,

Thanks for reading!

Han xx

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  1. This is a really interesting post. I knew dance school was quite busy but I didn’t realise just how busy and long your days would be.

    1. Yeah that’s the main point, I wanted to show people it’s not just a little dance around a studio, haha.

  2. I danced for around 12 years as a child up until my late teens so it’s really interesting to read about your experience at dance school as a 20-something! It sounds like such an intense week πŸ™‚ x


  3. I never knew how full on dance school is! How are you still standing Hannah?! This is such an interesting read x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  4. Awesome post! When I was younger I danced for 7 years and this schedule took me back to the good old days when I enjoyed dancing and exercising.

  5. Wow! I loved reading this. I myself have two left feet, so I am truly in awe of people who are dancers, or even those who can dance without inhibition! This seems like a tough, tough schedule, and it must be hard on the body as well.

  6. I never realised how intense it was! Super interesting though finding out more about how it all works!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I can’t even imagine the kind of commitment and dedication it takes to go to dance school. I’m extremely impressed with the fact that you can keep functioning after so many hours of being that active. I wish I had that amount of stamina, but I’m sure it’s taken you years to work up to that point. When you get to do what you love every day, it’s worth it! I loved watching your videos too. You’re really talented!

  8. Wow I’ve always been fascinated by the dance so it’s
    so lovely to read your post. So many different musical styles
    you’re learning..

  9. Wow this is so interesting to read! I have always loved dance and the idea of doing it full time is great – thank you for giving us an insight into the world of dance school πŸ™‚

    Em x

  10. Ah Hannah I love this post! You’re such a fab dancer and I just LOVE that first video. Gosh I wish I could dance and kept with dancing when I did it! I’d love to see more videos πŸ™‚ xxx

  11. Marta says:

    This was so fun to read. It broth up so many great memories of my time in dance school and with dance classes I took while in collage. Such a great passion to have.

  12. i’m jealous of how active you are! sounds like a really long day but i bet it flies doing something you love✨

  13. Awesome post and a great insight into dance school. I miss my dance college and classes I used to take πŸ™ Sadly haven’t got the body for it anymore.

    Shannon x

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