5 year throwback…

PS I know I am very late posting this (over a month later) however I still wanted it documented on my blog….


As I write this I’m currently on holiday in Poznan, Poland with my best friend and we’re having a chill girly night however I just wanted to document this whilst I remember how it feels/felt. (p.s. I did edit this again once home from my holiday so don’t just think I sat on the sofa and ignored my bestie haha)

5 years ago to this date was my Year 11 Leaving Prom in which we all dress up in beautiful dresses, doll ourselves up for a night to celebrate finishing High (Secondary) School. Now it being 5 years ago isn’t the scary part I can fully believe that however how much has happened in that time frame is the scary part.

I went to College in which I started off studying A Levels, then swapped courses to study a vocational BTEC.

I’ve been to University for a year and figured out that is not what I wanted.

Also I’ve finished my first year at Professional Dance College!

And all of that is just my education timeline over the last 5 years…

I started this blog!

I passed my driving test

I moved out of my childhood home and into a beautiful new house with my family

I’ve been through a terrible break up and came out stronger

I’ve met such an incredible man who I am so lucky to call my boyfriend

I’ve lived away from home for 2 years now

I got a tattoo!! (& more piercings)

Had a variety of different jobs (to name a few; Pandora, Ladbrokes, Timberland….)

I’ve been on trips away to Newcastle, Manchester, Amsterdam, Poland… few more to come.

I’ve toured the UK with the RAF

Been to multiple Stay Sassy events and danced my ass off

Celebrated numerous birthdays (other peoples as well as my own)

**Also a belated Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog! I created ‘Rand0mg4l’ 2 years ago, changed it to ‘Hannah Kay’ in September 2018 And since then it’s proved to be an incredible decision as I can properly document times in my life and how I have changed from being a teenager to an full blown adult!**

So yeah a hell of a whirlwind over the last 5 years, now I know I didn’t list everything I’ve done above but if I did we’d be here for another 5 years, however I love to look back and remember how far I’ve come, where I’ve been and what made me who I am today and my god these last 5 years have done just that!

I hope you find this as eye-opening as I did and maybe take a bit of time yourself to reflect and refresh on your time over the last 5 years and maybe set some goals for the next 5, who knows where we could be? I can only dream!…

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. So crazy how things can change over the years!!

    1. It is isn’t it!

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