2020 Summed Up – Part 3

So yes, it has been a while and these months actually feel more than just 2 months (as I’m writing this) ago. I fell a bit behind on tracking my 2020 summed up posts, but nevertheless, it’s here. I will admit it’s not the most interesting as you will see however it is still part of the whirlwind of 2020 we have found ourselves in.



This month was where my ‘summer’ got busy! I had already been home just under a month and had pretty much settled back into life at home (big family = a house never in silence) and I had already started back at my job in the Doctors surgery a few days before July hit. It was also my brothers 18th birthday, of which he did celebrate hard in lockdown, resulting in a trip to his favourite place A&E, haha.

I took part in another Rise Girl event (as previously mentioned in June 2020) called ‘Fear’ and also continued to do some at home workouts as and when I could.

At the beginning of July I had also started a full-time job (yes! alongside my part time job at the Doctors) at a warehouse near my village which meant I was on shift work (rotation of 2 weeks doing 5 x 6am-2pm shifts then 2 weeks doing 5 x 2pm-10pm shifts) so yes, this was a busy month as I was settling into working a full 50 hour work week.

Working this much and this often, meant I wasn’t as free to do what I’d like (mainly because I purely didn’t have the energy to do so), this meant a lack in home workouts and also de-motivation to do anything that didn’t involve minimal effort. Although, I did make time and make effort to catch up with my closest friends as often as I could and enjoy their company and making memories.

I also very much loved spending so much time at home, making it easier to see friends and family that live close to home.

Netflix obsessions during July: Dynasty and Selling Sunset!!



August became the month of ‘Eat out to help out’ and boy did I! Plenty of meals out with close friends and family meals out at local pubs too! I did try to use the scheme to benefit smaller and local businesses instead of those chain restaurants I frequent anyway.

With a new month, brought another Rise Girl virtual event, this one was on Trust. Something I learnt a lot about and how I react and use trust in my life, this event was a turning point for me in my personal life.

Halfway through this month I actually started learning the Ukulele (as inspired by Unjaded Jade) and also went to my first Vintage Kilo Sale in York! Head over to my Instagram to find out more, I highly recommend it!

Towards the end of August I took part in a ‘Digital Detox Day’ hosted by Zoe Sugg and IAmWholeUK which meant coming off all my social media for 24 hours and my god was it refreshing! I really encourage you to try it if you haven’t already, it’s something I will be aiming to do regularly from now on.

At the end of August is my Grandma’s birthday and was also the last day of Eat out to Help out so again, we used it wisely!

Netflix obsession of August: Power!



As September came around, a lot of things came to and end. I always feel like (and this may be because I am still a student) that September is almost like a new year, just on a smaller scale. I left both my jobs back home, moved back to Leicester and started settling back into my flat and preparing for my 3rd and final year as a student!

I caught up with my flatmate Lauren and a few other close friends I hadn’t seen in the past few months and started to get my ‘Leicester Life’ (as I like to call it) back on track. Within this time, the gym had re-opened and I managed to get in there about 3 times a week for a solid 3 weeks running!

I also spent some time before I started back training, travelling (following guidelines) as much as I could seeing friends and visiting places around Leicestershire I had wanted to prior.

Lauren (flatmate) and I also took on a mammoth Harry Potter Movie Marathon in where we managed to watch all the movies (one a day ish) in under 2 weeks as there were a few days we had forgot or were too tired etc.

By the end of September I had started back in my final year as a dance student and was back into full swing of muscle aches, meal prepping and taking a million different outfits per day because of the amount of classes we have.

And that’s it, hold out maybe another month until you get the final instalment of 2020 summed up as I would quite like 2020 to end well before I post it…

Hoping everyone is still doing okay, this year has been quite a mammoth one and hasn’t been shy of it’s trials and tribulations so I’m sending you all my love and support for whatever life is throwing your way this year. You can do this.

Much Love,

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. What an amazing thing this will be to look back on!!!! You’ve really made the most of the year. Xx

  2. what an incredible journey you’ve had ! reading this makes me wanna make my life a bit more interesting now !

    1. Aw thank you! Everyone’s lives are different and special in their own way!

  3. This will be a great post to look back on in a years time and reminisce about a really tough and weird year! I love that you have made the most of a bad year! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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