2020 Summed Up – Part 2

So this is the second part to my ‘2020 Summed Up’ blog posts. I estimate there’s going to be 4 parts to this. Click here to read back over Part 1 (Covers January, February and March). And without further ado….



As lockdown was fully underway, I was very much struggling to maintain a sense of normality and routine but a few things I did start to do were; Reading, signed up to a few online courses, took part in Insta Live dance and fitness classes. All of which you can find out more information about here, I wrote a post about everything that entertained me during lockdown.

During this month it was my flatmate’s birthday. Which having a birthday in lock down sucks anyway, so I made it my mission to make the best day I could. This included: the biggest breakfast buffet I could make, decorations and balloons all over the flat, party hats to wear, facetime with her family and friends and then a few games to end (obviously alongside pizza and alcohol!).

Throughout April and into May I partook in a fair few quizzes with friends and family. Fair to say I should just be the quiz master as I don’t think I came any higher up than last place, but it’s taking part that counts!

Towards the end of April I went self-hosted on my own blog, finally! After 3 years of not putting myself out there with my blog, especially after a few times it has been on the back burner. I did it! The insane amount of stress within one week however it’s done now and I’m still excited for the future!

One more little thing I started doing daily is my ‘morning coffee thoughts‘ inspired by Zanna, over on Instagram.



Throughout the whole of May I took part in Zoella’s #ComeWhatMay Instagram photo a day. It gave me structure and a kind of ‘social media’ routine too.

Unfortunately an incident occurred in May in which I got robbed in broad daylight near a post office where I live. Something insane happened, which before you start, yes I know it was dangerous but I didn’t have time to think! I chased after him seconds after he grabbed my phone right out my hand. This really shook me up but also made me realise that my instincts took over my body within that time and I’m very lucky.

After all that madness, it’s fair to say I didn’t take advantage of my allowance to go outside haha! My flatmate and I put on an at home photo shoot showing off our TALA wardrobes, can find mine here. Here’s also a few tips and tricks to doing an ‘at home shoot’. This was funnily enough a day before TALA’s 1st birthday, which had a lot of celebratory events on social media!

Towards the end of May I handed in last piece of 2nd year work (my dissertation!) and finished my ‘Optimum Nutrition’ nutrition course all in one week.

Blogosphere Virtual Festival – My Avatar

I attended Blogosphere’s first virtual festival event online and I’ve done a blog post on this experience here. It was something that was definitely a highlight of this month. Another highlight was another online event I attended by Steph Elswood (an incredible woman I feature heavily on my blog!). This was her Zoom ‘Power Up’ event and it honestly made me so motivated, empowered and loved.

May must have been the month for virtual events as I also took part in a challenge (Set by Leela Sule – who I met at Blogosphere) called Boss Babes. In this challenge, part of it was to write my own mission statement. Mine is below…



At the beginning of June I took part in another of Steph’s Online events. This one was called ‘Rise Girl’ which was in collaboration with another girl called ‘Farah’ who you can find here. This event was so inspirational and lovely to be a part of another community who are all so supportive and encouraging. Highly recommend!

I also handed in my last piece of work for 2nd year! My dissertation and evaluation are done for 2nd year, so I guess bring on 3rd and final year of education!

2nd week into June I managed to go to a socially distanced picnic with my friend Sophie and my flatmate Lauren at our local park. My god was it nice to see other humans again, no offence Lauren, haha. I didn’t realise how locked off from the world I had become during lockdown. We had such a lovely catch up and then Sophie came back to our flat (didn’t come inside) to help restart Lauren’s car which had died due to lack of use during lockdown. This was all documented on my Instagram stories and is now in the ‘quarantine’ highlight.

I Moved Home!!! After 11+ weeks in lockdown in my student flat with just Lauren and myself I was finally home with my family (and a GARDEN!). I realised how much I took being at home before I moved away for granted, especially the garden, haha. See my post about all the things I am going to be doing now I’m back at home.

The day after I got back home it was my Sister’s birthday, so as the whole family were back home we celebrated as best as we could and had a few visitors (respecting the social distancing rules) throughout the day.

Now I was back home I went for walks a lot more (in Leicester I lived city centre so barely any nature surrounding me). I visited Roundhay Park Lake with my Mum and Sisters, the sun was beaming and the views were so beautiful! I also went for a walk with my Dad (who I don’t live with so had to social distance!) to Tadcaster River and my god that was so lovely! The views, the nature and obviously the company, it was so nice to get out and about.

A few other things I did towards the end of June were:

  • Workout a lot more (&with friends!) and take part in a few more dance classes (compared to previous weeks)
  • Hosted another Twitter bloggers chat.
  • Celebrated Father’s Day with my dad at his house (again respecting social distance rules!)
  • Partook in a few ‘Happy Place Festival‘ events.

My next 2020 summed up post will probably be coming in October time and it’ll be covering July, August and September, so my majority of summer! Be sure to look out for that!

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy. Thank you for reading, as always.

Han x

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