2017 Round-up

*Pre-warning: Long post… but hopefully worth your time*

There’s no lying that for me 2017 was the biggest roller-coaster year I’ve had, I lost track of how many highs and lows I had after about June. However despite the lows that came with 2017 I wanted to reflect on them, learn from them and move on. My highs were the happy moments that got me through the lows and these also deserve to be mentioned. Here’s a mini timeline list of my roller-coaster year of 2017…


I turned 19, my last year as a teenager had begun. I was in my last year of college, preparing for my final show and some more dance events that you’ll see later in the list. I was head over heels in love with what I did. I was happy with my boyfriend (at the time) and all was well.


This month I managed to get tickets to go see Drake in concert with a few friends, now I was not the biggest fan of his and wouldn’t have died if I didn’t get tickets, however leaving that stadium afterwards I had the biggest buzz ever. He was incredible in concert! Rehearsals for my dance show and a big event – that I had been looking forward to since the new year – were well under way and were more intense than ever, leaving me heavily bruised and battered and in need of a millions bath soaks. As a family we were getting the house ready for moving, packing up things we might not need in the next few months etc.


This month was a roller-coaster all on it’s own. My boyfriend (at the time) and I had broken up and got back together within March, so my emotions had been messed around a lot. However I got to meet someone I adore and idolise in the world of Gymnastics and also go to London to be a part of the biggest dance convention there is in the UK (Move It) with my college, yes that was the big event I was talking about last month. This was one of the best memories I’ve ever made. To continue on from this I got to watch Casanova performed by Northern Ballet and meet some of the main cast members after the show for drinks. Towards the end of March was my Mum’s birthday and Mother’s day so we celebrated both of those with the whole family.


Easter…Chocolate….Lots of it. Aside from the very unhealthy diet that came along with Easter, I also managed to meet up with some very close friends who I hadn’t managed to see earlier in the year, we went for Fish and Chips, walk to the park and a casual catch up sat in my kitchen. Such a small event but it meant so much to be surrounded by my close ones at a time where I wasn’t as stable as I would have liked in terms of relationship and mental health. I also had a nightmare with my car, breaking down at the top of my street and costing me an arm and a leg to fix. At college, the dance show was fast approaching so rehearsals got more intense, tiring but also more productive, which was really nice to have to keep my mind occupied.


It was here, my final dance show at college, with the girls I had grown so close to and were by my side the whole time. The final time we’d all dance together had arrived. So many fun times, memories and amazing routines cherished from that show. As much as people say high school was the best time of your life, College was mine. Starting to finalise all my University stuff; placement, finance, accommodation etc. I took breaking up from college earlier than everyone else as a bonus and used my time to focus on my fitness, working out in my back garden and enjoying the time I had off.


I bid my final goodbye to college as I handed in my final piece of work. I also treated myself a hell of a lot this month; new clothes, new make-up, more new clothes, more new make-up. This was also the month that my blog started! the night after my sisters birthday celebrations (TGI Fridays, ofc). I have never been so spontaneous with starting something as soon as I convince myself of it being a good idea, and I am so glad I did it. Towards the end of this month, summer had finally arrived so I was out in the fresh air and sunshine a lot, with my best friend.



2 years. We’d been together 2 whole years. I was still happy despite the hiccup in March. I hit 1,000 views on my blog this month, exactly a month after I made it. This meant so much to me as people I never even knew were reading this and supporting me in my new journey as a blogger. I also managed to win my first twitter giveaway from Ashleigh over at bonjourashleigh.co.uk. We moved! We moved house this month too, into a beautiful newly built house just around the corner from our old one. I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped foot inside. Getting to unpack my belongings and make my room feel homely again was hard work but so worth it in the end (Even if I was moving off to uni in just under 2 months).



I’d hit 2,000 views on my blog! Doubled it in just two months! I was ecstatic and this gave me even more motivation to get more and more content created, I loved it. This month was also time for me to enjoy the last full month before jetting off to uni, I read a lot; Louise Pentland’s Wilde Like Me, and Zoe Sugg’s series of Girl Online – All of which I loved! It was also my boyfriend’s (at the time) birthday so we went out to celebrate that, as well as celebrating my Grandma’s birthday not long afterwards. I remember liking my outfits to both of those events (photo’s below). I socialised a lot this month as I was trying to make sure I’d seen everyone before going off to uni.



The beginning of this month was all just preparation for me moving to university at the end of the month, buying loads of home stuff, kitchen stuff, stationary, dance kit, basically a lot of spending and organising. It was also my last chance to see some friends before moving, so I spent a lot of time meeting up with all my close friends for one last time. Moving to uni is a very big step for anyone, but I felt like I was starting a new life moving away from home for the first time. I was very excited and nervous at the same time but was ready for a new adventure.


So first few weeks of uni had been and freshers week left me feeling a bit ill. I loved the whole ‘new start’ idea that comes along with moving out, although it did take me a while to settle fully into being so independent. Throughout the most of the month I was loving everything about my life; uni, dance, family, friends, relationships. Although towards the end of October my relationship took a big hit and sadly came to and end, this did take a hard hit on me physically and mentally draining and emotionally unstable for a while, however without the help of my friends and family I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today, so a big shout out to them! I was ready to become more selfish and learn how to properly love myself again.


November came, bonfire night was amazing! I went to a bonfire not far from my uni with a group of my course mates and flatmate. This was a very well needed night of relaxing and chilling out. At uni we had a ‘reading week’ which basically I took as an opportunity to go home and see my family, I loved being home and catching up with everyone. Once I was back from reading week, I threw myself into all my classes and dance work, determined to finish the year off right.


The last month in 2017; My first term at university was coming to an end, I was preparing for a busy time of travelling back and forth from Leicester to Leeds in order to go to work (in Leicester) and to see my family and friends during the festive season. I began to reflect a lot on this past year as I feel I’d accomplished a lot this year and feel like even though I’d taken a a dip back in October I started the year off well and need to remember all the good and positive things. Hence this post.

So after a very eventful 2017, I can look back and learn from everything that happened in that past year. I have set myself some very strong goals and resolutions that I hope to accomplish this year. Although I’ve never really been one to set and complete “New years resolutions” and I’ve always had the main one of ‘to stop biting my nails’ which I sneakily started doing in December so it would give me a head start in January. Although this year I want to be different; a year of ME, being selfish, pushing myself, working on myself to be the best me I can be. I’ve written a list of things I want to aim for and possibly accomplish however I’m not going to be strict and force myself to complete them all if I’m having a tough time. You can see these in my next post…

Thanks for reading (sorry it was a long one),

Han xx


  1. Natalie Hanson says:

    You’ve had a busy year, yet it’s been filled with so many amazing things, and it’s allowed you to grow so much as a person and shows how strong you are. I’m looking forward to reading your aims. 2018 will be your year (and maybe also the year the nail-biting stops! 😉)

    Nat 💛 – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you Natalie! I agree – thank you, and yes the nail biting has pretty much come to an end 🎉☺️

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